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I Am Me Mentors Swim Instruction is a program developed by a former CHSRC swimmer, coach, and instructor of 16 years, Michaela Miller, part of the I Am Me Mentors (Education) Cooperative! With extensive input from current CHSRC members and in collaboration with a reputable local instructor, Darcy Hudson, we launched outdoor school-year swim one-of-a-kind group clinics, private lessons, a Summer Swim Institute, and an annual Teach your Child to Swim Workshop!

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I Am Me supports students of all ages in sharing their authentic selves through personalized mentorship sessions. We are committed to facilitating the intense transformations students undergo in a variety of circumstances across the lifespan. We believe that all learners will not only need to have a strong sense of self, but also have a strong profile to prove that their colleges and jobs of choice are a “best-fit” for them. From entrance essay mentoring to holistic support in college and graduate school applications, to top-notch tutoring and career counseling, as well as passion, curriculum development and DEI family coaching, we team with organizations and families to identify and meet our students’ diverse needs.

Core Values

We promote transparency and create an environment where students and educators are respected. Our core values are integral to everything we do at I Am Me Mentors Cooperative:

  • Solidarity

  • Authenticity

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Interdependence

  • Community enrichment

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