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Michaela Miller

Michaela Miller (She/Her/Hers)
Program Director & Fly-in Instructor 

Michaela is a former CHSRC coach, instructor & swimmer and former top 8 West Coast "All Star", trained internationally in "acuasomatic education", who brings 15 years of experience teaching cutting-edge techniques for relaxing muscles to float and glide effortlessly within strokes! She has a Master’s in education (curriculum design) & a teaching credential, as well as 10 years experience running her own swim school with over 99% success reaching client goals. Over the last decade, parents have repeatedly shared with her how hard it is to find quality swim instruction and have requested her to carry out her original curriculum, despite having relocated to Denver. Thanks to CHSRC board and member input, she was thrilled to launch CHSRC's first school-year swim program to bring the community together outdoors during the pandemic and ignite swim passion & safety for the whole family! She was thrilled to enhance her curriculum and provide weekly consistency by bringing on a reputable local instructor, Darcy Hudson!

“I am all too familiar with people who come to work everyday and get their basic jobs done, but I rarely run into someone extraordinary, like Michaela, who takes charge of the whole student and their family members. It is a remarkable quality and it is exactly how I see her professionalism and expertise making an impact daily on my son's very challenging diagnoses and goals. I’m amazed at the coordination of services and her ability to help us through this maze of life goals.” 

Client of 3 Years

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