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Quinlan Hoang
Swim Instructor

Quinlan is a passionate and highly-dedicated swim instructor who has taught individuals of all ages from infants to adults. Fostering comfort, skill improvement, and aquatic enjoyment, he seeks to create the most memorable experience in which a student can do more than just "be able to swim". With experience in teaching all ages, he is able to assess one's ability in the water and take them from building the foundations of water safety and survival to supporting their journey into competitive swimming. He is CPR certified, Lifeguard trained, and has swim instruction, as well as coaching experience for junior varsity Water Polo. With his 5+ years of experience in competitive Swimming and Water Polo, he is able to create personalized lesson plans and sets that will accelerate any individual's needs in the water. Quinlan has taught several kids with special needs as well, reinforcing his patience, communication and devotion to providing any swimmer with the ability to swim with passion and surreality. On top of being able to learn all 4 strokes of swimming, interested students are also able to build the skills needed for Water Polo if interested!



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