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  • Saving payment on file is required. It will not be used if you pay up front for tuition and buy your own non-member & credit card use passes! If used, we will notify you at least 72 hours in advance via email or a same day text, giving you a chance to pay your bill on your own if you choose to do so. iClassPro has the highest privacy ratings available. PCI Compliance Article and PCI Compliance Level 1 Defined

  • "Term" registration is paid up front as a weekly slot for the entire term through the "Browse Classes" tab

  • Please email w/ the subject line “Payment Plan Request” if you need installments (auto-pay required; no interest/fees); only available for term enrollments, not punch passes

  • All payments are non-refundable and hold a student's spot in a class

    • If the payment bounces back, the mentor retains the right to give up the student’s spot 

  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a session without first notifying the mentor, the session will be considered a no-show


  • Mark future absences in iClassPro by clicking “My Account” “Students” “Future Absences” as soon as you know you’ll be absent (24+ hrs) and eligble make-ups will appear after attendance is taken for the missed class

  • Term registration: 

    • 1 make-up for any reason / month (excused or unexcused)

    • After missed class occurs, make-up will auto populate in your account (you no longer need to wait for us to issue it, but you do need to wait for the class date to pass)

  • Punch pass registration & make-ups from previous absences: 

    • Site closures and excused make-ups only (COVID-19/sickness/injury)

  • Make-ups won’t expire until the end of Summer 2024 Term! You must be enrolled in the current term or the referral program to activate make-ups.

On-Site Protocol
Right to Refuse Service
Client and Service Provider Conduct
Gear Requirements


  • Parents must remain on site during lessons. If the parent leaves the premises, the student will need to wait on the deck for their parent's return. We are not able to offer special accommodations, due to liability


  • I Am Me Mentors has the right to refuse service for:

    • Breaking I Am Me Mentors’ or any site's policies more than once

    • Requesting more than three times that I Am Me Mentors break I Am Me Mentors' or any site's policies 


  • All parties must refrain from:

    • Repeated requests to break a boundary

    • Client misuse of iClassPro (e.g. using a punch pass or tuition that the client is not eligible for) 

    • Threatening (through physical intimidation or verbal coercion) any party during lessons or registration, including:

    • Theft or destruction of I am Me Mentors’ or site’s property, including:

    • Nonconsensual sexual, romantic, or personal contact with any party

      • “Nonconsensual” is any contact which does not have consent by both parties

      • “Consent” is defined as asking and receiving verbal or written permission to communicate outside of a professional context

    • Discriminatory behavior or speech based on gender, race, sexual orientation, citizenship status, socioeconomic class, ability, any protected class under federal or state law or otherwise marginalized group

    • Repeated escalation of conflict


  • Wetsuits are now required October through March (cheapest on Amazon - see gear recommendations)!

    • Email with your wetsuit receipt for a (max) $40 lesson credit after registering in the Fall or Spring Term! Limited to one per student.

  • Water bottles required year-round!

  • Parkas encouraged October through May

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