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Click the below iClassPro user guide for:

  • Non-members of Cupertino Hills (CHSRC) or Kona Kai who need to purchase a non-member pass

  • Those who prefer Credit card over ACH for $30/student/term 


Sharks Swim Team Swimmers

  • We are separate from, yet in solidarity with the CHSRC Sharks!

  • Darcy is hired directly from CHSRC as the head coach and teaches lessons with I Am Me Mentors Swim Instruction before and/or after practice April - July!

  • Send us verification of your Sharks registration and we will credit you for future terms, ensuring you pay a max of $40/lesson during swim team season!




  • Wetsuits are now required October through March (cheapest on Amazon - see gear recommendations)!

    • Email with your wetsuit receipt for a (max) $40 lesson credit after registering in the Fall or Spring Term! Limited to one per student.

  • Water bottles required year-round!

  • Parka's encouraged October through March



  • Students must register with payment or payment plan over 48 hours prior to start time of first lesson.

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer observations of other students' classes

  • For group clinic leveling, non-beginner students are required to enroll in a drop-in private lesson ($75 regular priced, $60 promotional priced pass purchased here). Go to "my account" "students" "passes" "use punch pass" to schedule it within 1 week of your consultation to be eligible for "term" pricing.

  • Beginner students may elect to enroll in one private or group lesson as a trial before enrolling for the term.

  • Optional - to add context about your student for your instructor and our program director (Michaela):

    • Fill out this assessment form

    • And/or email michaela@iammementors

    • And/or Use your text thread 

    • And/or speak with Michaela in a live 15-minute meeting scheduled here



4 max 12U & 6 max 13+. Check out what’s unique about our group clinic model and what students are saying! This summer, we actually had students ask to transfer from low-enrollment groups to higher enrollment groups for the added benefits!


You can request to join a group slightly outside your age-range on a case-by-case basis, but your pricing & group size will be consistent with the class title 12U $60 and 13+ $40




  • The vast majority of student-breakthroughs since the founding of our program have occurred within our unique objectives-based group clinics which are planned and implemented by talented and experienced educational professionals.

  • For students who require extra attention as an accommodation, but otherwise thrive in the group environment, we may limit their group size cap from 4 to 3 on a case by case basis, per instructor discretion.

  • Instead of offering private & semi-private slots to those that can pay the equivalent of a full group slot (as with many neighboring swim schools), we offer them to those in need at an accessible cost.

  • Your instructor will evaluate the best fit (group vs. private) in your private lesson assessment. If you believe you have access needs that require one-on-one instruction can email with an explanation of why you believe your swimmer(s) are not a good fit for our group clinic program and fill out our assessment & needs form here.

  • Weekly private/semi-private lesson slots are limited to 1 per household.

  • Private slots aren't active on iClassPro


  • Saving payment on file is required as of Sept 2022 in order to overcome large issues with our accounting. It will not be used if you pay up front for tuition and buy your own non-member & credit card use passes! If used, we will notify you at least 72 hours in advance via email or same day via text, giving you a chance to pay your bill on your own if you choose to do so. iClassPro has the highest privacy ratings available. PCI Compliance Article and PCI Compliance Level 1 Defined

  • "Term" registration is paid up front as a weekly slot for the entire term through the "Browse Classes" tab

  • Please email w/ the subject line “Spring 2022 Payment Plan Request” if you need installments (auto-pay required; no interest/fees).

  • "Drop-ins" are $15 more per lesson and still need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance (preferrable at the start of the term or up to 1 week prior for planning purposes). Use the "passes" tab and after purchase, go to "my account" "students" "passes" to punch in to a specific date/time!

  • All payments are non-refundable and hold a student's spot in a class

    • If the payment bounces back, the mentor retains the right to give up the student’s spot 

  • I Am Me Mentors guarantees quality of instruction. Any instructional minutes over 5 minutes that are not deemed satisfactory by the client will be made up for a redo in increments of 5 minutes before the end date of the contract. The make-up may be from a different instructor

  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a session without first notifying the mentor, the session will be considered a no-show


Spring 2023 Term

Students can request:

  • 1 time slot transfer per term (Spring/Fall)

  • Up to 20 excused make-ups per year, including site closures

    • ​If a student has hit their max and there are additional site closures, they will receive additional passes for those closures

    • Excused absences include: COVID-19 symptoms/exposure, sickness, & injury 

    • Site closures include: instructor illness or exposure (when no sub is available), weather below 50 degrees, consistent heavy rain or winds above 10mph, or unhealthy air quality

  • 1 make-up token per term (Spring/Fall) to utilize for any reason

  • If you would like more flexibility than what is offered above, ask for a nomination to our Referral Program for another 3 make-ups for any reason!

  • Scheduling make-ups: go to “My Account” “Students” “Makeups" on iClassPro

  • Students must be enrolled in a regular class for the current term to use their make-ups

  • All make-ups expire on the final day of the spring term (6/4/22)

  • If you would like more flexibility than what is offered above, ask for a nomination to our Referral Program for another 3 make-ups for any reason or for redeeming make-up tokens when not enrolled in term 

Summer Term 2022 make-ups expire at the end of the Fall Term and Fall/Spring make-ups expire at the end of Spring Term 2023.


Our Summer 2023 Term make-up policy  accommodates families’ pre-planned vacations and travel. You can now request unlimited make-ups  (to be used within the same summer term) by notifying us of all vacation-related absences in a single email up to 7 days before the start of their first absence you are requesting a make-up for.


  • Record your absence in iClassPro by navigating to "my account" "students" "record future absences"! Give as much notice as possible, but in the case of an emergency, at least 15-minutes is required in order to receive make-up!

  • Check to see if you have used your 1 make-up/student/term for any reason on this spreadsheet.

  • If you are still eligible for your one make-up for any reason, or if your absence was due to COVID-19 symptoms/exposure, sickness, & injury or a site closure, text or email both Michaela & your instructor for an excused make-up token so we can get to your request ASAP.


  • I Am Me Mentors has the right to refuse service for:

    • Breaking I Am Me Mentors’ or any site's policies more than once

    • Requesting more than three times that I Am Me Mentors break I Am Me Mentors' or any site's policies 


  • Parents must remain on site during lessons. If the parent leaves the premises, the student will need to wait on the deck for their parent's return. We are not able to offer special accommodations, due to liability


  • All parties must refrain from:

    • Repeated requests to break a boundary

    • Client misuse of iClassPro (e.g. using a punch pass or tuition that the client is not eligible for) 

    • “Nonconsensual” is any communication which does not have consent by both parties

      • “Consent” is defined as asking and receiving verbal or written permission to communicate outside of a professional context

    • Threatening (through physical intimidation or verbal coercion) any party during lessons or registration, including:

    • Theft or destruction of I am Me Mentors’ or site’s property, including:

    • Nonconsensual sexual, romantic, or personal contact with any party

    • Discriminatory behavior or speech based on gender, race, sexual orientation, citizenship status, socioeconomic class, ability, any protected class under federal or state law or otherwise marginalized group

    • Repeated escalation of conflict

Non-Member Passes Table
Group Clinic Sizes
Gear Requirements
Group Clinic Leveling
Private Lessons
PreTeens Price
Recoring Future Absences
Right to Refuse Service
On-Site Protocol
Client and Service Provider Conduct
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