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Cut down on your total “cost-to-learn” by progressing rapidly with our professional specialists!

Watch our intro film to learn how our 4 pillars of breakthrough progress can cut down your total "cost-to-learn"!

Pricing Chart

Term Tuition
Punch Pass Tuition
Facility Pass
$63/40-min technique group lesson (3-4 students)
$650/10 session, $420/6 sessions, $216/3 session & $75/single session
$150/Term Individual & $225/Term Family
$83/30-min technique semi-privates /privates (1-2 students)
$90/single session
Not needed for members of their own facility
$43/40-60-min conditioning (up to 6 students)
*Term = Winter Jan-March, Spring April-early June, Summer early June - late August, fall late Aug - November
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*Term = Spring (Jan-early June), Summer (June - late Aug) or Fall (late Aug-Dec)

Non-Member Passes are for SWIM LESSON ONLY access only to the site.


  • The vast majority of student-breakthroughs since the founding of our program have occurred within our unique objectives-based group clinics, which are planned and implemented by talented and experienced educational professionals.

  • For students who require extra attention, but otherwise thrive in with a peer match, enroll in a semi-private!

  • Private slots are offered based on accommodations needs. Some may need privates once in a while, and others may need them weekly. Email "Private Accommodation" to explain why.

  • Your instructor will evaluate the best fit in your first lesson.

  • Weekly private lesson slots are limited to 1 per household.

Click the below iClassPro User Guide for How to Buy Passes:

Registration Instructions

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