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Join our team of passionate educators!

Swim Instructor: Silicon Valley Outdoor Cabana Club

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Swim instruction experience (2+ years)

  • Year-round availability (no seasonal instructors)

  • Weekend and evening availability some or all terms (Fall/Spring/Summer)

  • Transportation to Santa Clara, Cupertino and Los Altos (negotiable travel stipend)

    • Only one location per day, and likely only one location per term

Competitive Qualifications:

  • Swim instruction experience (4+ years)

  • Experience and/or degree in education

  • Weekend and evening availability year-round

  • Passionate and knowledgeable about social justice


  • Provide consistently high-quality swim lessons to all students

  • Ensure the safety of students, coworkers, and yourself

  • Properly record student attendance & lesson objective progress and adjust future lane reservations daily

  • Communicate with families regarding progress and logistics

  • Participate in regular professional development and program development

  • Contribute to program-wide community events

  • Update swim registration software

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