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Kyle Kelly
Swim Instructor

Kyle is passionate about mastering water comfortability and personal development. As a highly relatable instructor, he is adept at using familiar bodily exercises as easy methods of transition to aquatic motion. Oftentimes, he uses breathing as a rhythmic tool for relaxed and loose swimming that accelerates students efficiency, comfortability, control and confidence. Kyle first learned to swim for the Pacific Coast Marlin’s in Marin County, CA, where he grew up. He competed for their team in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke, which he loved the most.


He has 4 years of swim instruction experience and two years experience as a certified lifeguard for the JCC. In addition, Kyle has perfected his approach to simple and informative lessons through his years as a classroom teacher, and collegiate tutor. His wide range of subject matters and overall exposure to many personality types enables him to craft a highly personalized learning experience, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback from students. We’ve selected Kyle due to his aligned background in classroom teaching, mirroring the niche Michaela founded our program with, and the consistently raving reviews from pre-teen & adult students whose progress was catalyzed by Kyle’s natural knack for I Am Me Mentors-like breathing and relaxation techniques!



Shrey, 13 y/o Student

“Kyle carefully analyzed my swimming and understood how to fix it. The class was more about finding problems and fixing them, rather than just going for it.”
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