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Tiffany Lauzon
Director of Instruction & Lead Instructor

Tiffany Lauzon is a swim instructor and coach with 10 years of experience in aquatics leadership and training. She swims and teaches all 4 strokes to swimmers ranging from beginners to advanced swim team swimmers and in her decade of experience, there’s never been a student she hasn’t been able to teach to swim! She trains swimmers looking to perfect their techniques in each individual stroke, as well as their endurance and speed. She is (CPR/AED) certified, and (CANRA) safe sport coach certified via She loves being able to share her knowledge with all of her new clients, watching each of them overcome fears and build confidence in their abilities in the water. It's a wonderful feeling to know that each of her students leaves her classes armed with life-saving skills that they will carry with them forever while learning to love the water with the same affinity to it that she has. We’ve selected Tiffany as our Director of Instruction and Lead Instructor for her aligned technical background coaching at SUNN Swim Club, where our founder, Michaela, got her technique foundations from as a competitive swimmer, as well as her experience directing over a hundred instructors at neighboring swim schools! Tiffany’s values and vision align heavily with I Am Me Mentors and as Tiffany says, “The Sky is not the Limit it's just the view”,  referring to partnering together towards our collective goals. We extend our utmost gratitude to the Lauzon family for opening up their pool to us as our new site, featuring 90-degree warmth and a training jet for advanced swimmers, and where we plan to enhance with a swim dome for the winter!”

Tiffany Lauzon


Abby, Parent

"Lessons have been great! Tiffany is a great instructor and we really like the way she is coaching our daughter. In just a few weeks, Tiffany was able to help Kimi improve her swimming moves like the professional swimmer athletes do and even though kimi can't fluently verbally communicate with Tiffany, Tiffany is able to find a way to teach her and communicate with her and make herself understood."
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