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Victoria Plascencia
Director of Partnerships & Substitute Instructor

Victoria Placencia is a prominent swim coach and instructor with 17 years of experience in competitive swimming, including division 1 athletics, and learn-to-swim curriculum. She is a Level 4 American Swim Coach Association (ASCA) member with 8 years of competitive swim coaching experience,  including being an American All-Stars Team Coach. She attends ongoing annual ASCA Conference talks and enrolls in current swim development courses. As a Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor (LGI), she has dedicated her career to aquatic safety with a passion and vision for extensive programming and strategic partnerships that drastically improve water safety for Silicon Valley families! She was drawn to I Am Me Mentors for our company vision and launched a partnership with the Arunay Foundation after we were nominated as being an expert in beach safety at their Walkathon on 12/5! Check out the water safety brochure she disseminated below!



Alexander, 6 y/o Student

“I like her as one of the best teachers!”

Swapna, Adult Student

“Victoria pushed me to try something new and taught me new techniques by demonstrating them and then helping me practice them several times. I progressed quite well in the two classes I had with her and learned new breathing techniques as well. I would definitely work with her again. Here biggest strengths are 1) Breaking down steps and demonstrating movements, 2) Providing confidence and re-assuring students, and 3) Encouraging students to try new things and go back to basics to regain confidence in case they panic”

Stefana, Parent of 9 y/o

“There was no wasted time, just training. My son loved her! She was doing all the right things in training the children. Today I saw a good trainer who could take the kids to competitions.”
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