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Mohammad Kotb
Swim Instructor

Mohammad Kotb is a dedicated USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach and an inspiring figure in the world of endurance sports. Starting his athletic journey at 27, he discovered a deep passion for triathlons, especially in swimming. Due to his late start, he reaches the hearts of beginners, motivating them with the quote, “it’s never too late to be active”! He now impressively completes a 10K swim in around three hours. Mohammad is not only passionate about his own training, but also thrives on coaching beginners in swimming & triathlon, guiding them from their first race to greater achievements. Adding to his inspirational story is his 5-year-old daughter, Hana, who has been participating in the annual Silicon Valley Kids Tri race since she was three. Together, they embody the spirit of endurance sports, showcasing that age is just a number and that the joy of triathlon is a family affair.



-Ashraf A

I had a really terrible swimming form and would get tired within a few minutes of swimming. Mohammed corrected my form in the pool and gave me different swim drill. Within the first couple weeks I see outstanding improvements. I can swim for over an hour without getting tired and more important I really enjoy spending time in the water.
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