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Mia Delgado
Swim Instructor

Mia is a local swim instructor with 4 years of experience at Waterworks and Sutton Swim School, where she grew her passion for teaching, witnessing students’ aquatic success with each new accomplishment! She entered the field after swimming across childhood and being a part of her kids’ journey through learn-to-swim programs. She teaches all ages and strokes. As a former counseling major, she can work with a variety of learners in a way that works for them! She was recruited to I Am Me Mentors by Tiffany as a colleague from Waterworks. Tiffany observed her fit right in with the I Am Me Mentors approach in her performance assessment! She takes a patient and supportive approach to group clinics, growing students’ passion for the sport! Her dream is for at least one of her students to become a professional swimmer one day! Mia is overjoyed to join the I Am Me Mentors team to contribute to water safety and aquatic passion in the community. We appreciate Mia opening up her schedule to work with our students Sat/Sun/Tues/Thurs at Kona Kai for the remainder of the Fall Term to provide the opportunity for students to punch in make-ups multiple days a week with a consistent instructor!



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